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The Market

The Market 2018-02-06T19:13:23+00:00

The Problem today

Why do we need a change:

  1. Low water pressure (depends on the height of the tank)
  2. Inefficient use of floor space
  3. Waste of water
  4. Non-aesthetic
  5. Use of Height to create water pressure
  6. Leakage (60% of the tanks suffer from leakage, not visible most of the time)
  7. Solutions using lower tanks are expensive
  8. Long cycles between flushes

The Solution tomorrow

Using the house pipes’ pressure to operate the hydraulic pump:

  1. Strong flushing intensity
  2. Lack of flushing tank – save space
  3. Volume accuracy – half and full quantity
  4. Hidden system – aesthetic solution
  5. Double secured system to prevent flooding
  6. Saves water (3/6 L are enough for flushing)
  7. High reliability
  8. Simple installation and maintenance
  9. Short cycles between flushing
  10. Available with manual and/or electronic mechanisms (and remote-control for flushing)