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We are proud to introduce our revolutionary worldwide patent that should change
the toilets all over the world

As possible to see in the tab of the Patent Advantages, in the video and in reality 🙂 – Cometflo new patent technology has huge amount of important advantages to every and each end user and to the world needs of water saving .

The basis of Cometflo Patent technology is an Hydraulic system operated by the home water pressure.
The system utilizes energy of the water pressure from the mains in order to push water into the toilet. A small amount of water at high pressure (2-6 atmospheres) pushes a large amount of water at a pressure of 0.2 atmospheres – enough pressure to ensure that the flushing will be efficient, especially in the rim-free method.

There is no height differential between the water container and the toilet, which allows water to seep through the membrane. The principle of efficient flushing, using low and measured amounts of water and reduction of leakage – saves water and saves energy normally required to deliver water from the water mains.

Thereby reducing environmental impact and global warming.
Installation of the new hanging toilet removes the need for installation inside the wall, which saves costs, space, and has some more important advantages

The hydraulic flush tank is set in the wall-mounted toilet bowl. Water from the tank washes into the bowl using a special piston activated by the pressure coming directly from the water supply line.

The mechanic model does not require electric connection.

Operating Method

1. Standby Mode – Tap is closed, tanks are full:

2. Flushing state – The tap is open, pressure applied to the pump, water is pushed out, flushing action:

3. Flushing state – The tap is open, pressure is applied to the pump, water is pushed out, flushing action, float opens 2nd tap for filling water in the rear tank

4. Flushing state – The tap is closed, the spring is pulled back, creating vacuum suction through a valve, water flows from the rear tank to the pump tanks, water fills the rear tank until the float stop the filling cycle

5. Back to Standby Mode – Tap is closed tanks are full