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Revolutionary Water & Energy Saving System

The Mission

To develop solutions for a Green and Peaceful Future.

The Company

Cometflo is a CleanTech Company incorporated in 2017, dedicated to developing Next Generation Liquids Flow and Control Systems.
The Company has developed a revolutionary highly effective Water and Energy saving Flushing System with potential to reduce clean water consumption by 10%.

The Need 

25% of domestic water consumption (10% of total water consumption including public buildings, industry and agriculture) comes from toilet flushing systems. These systems uses old water wastefully technology with expensive installation, taking valuable space and difficult to maintain. 60% of flushing systems are invisible or hidden leaks due to scale and sand deposits. The waste of water causes a load on the sewage systems and lead to a huge waste of energy to purify them, blockages, polluting floods that damage the environment.
The needs is to an innovative, simple, heavy-duty and cost-effective solution. Cometflo system provides all solutions for these needs.

The Market

The global toilet flushing systems is expected to reach $25Bn by 2022 from sales of annual 300 million units.

Intellectual Property

Cometflo’s Technology is protected by two granted patents.

Cometflo Innovative Solution

A Patented Flushing System that uses pressure of the general water system as energy source, installed under the toilet in a simple installation.
The Cometflo system uses half the quantity of water relative to existing systems, meets all standards.
The system is heavy duty, easy and economic maintenance, save space with many design options.

Why Cometflo?

Save Huge Amount of Water

Easily incorporated with electronic operation systems

Less expensive to install and maintain

Saves space & Improves hygiene

Enhances stylish bathroom interior design

A cost-saving and resource-efficient solution